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It has been so long since I updated my blog on my creative works. Do apologize for the long break. It is a very longgggg story to tell. However to make the story short – Actually I have been busy babysitting my little girl for nearly 3 years now since her first admission into ICU   (Intensive Care Unit) for her Bone Marrow Transplant procedure which prior to that, she had to undergoing Chemotherapy Treatment preparation for 7days . You cannot believe who is her doner really is?! The doner of her Bone Marrow is her own elder sister. That when the miracle story comes!!… Even we were taken aback and felt so blessed to have all our girls. Especially when her Oncologists Doctor said that her elder sister Bone Marrow matched hers 100% – like yeahhh really matched her at 10:10 perfect matched!!!…

We had sacrifices all for our daughters sake – yet had finished all our savings and resources just to make sure she is treated well . Although it had been a very tough time for me yet I felt so blessed for every miracle steps we took.  My blog readers can able to read through her adventurous journey in http://www.facebook.com/alyaneedsyou

So basically that is the reasons why I am unable to update my blog for so long after all the emotionals experiences and meltdowns . Only now when I am calmer and intact then only I am able to upload my recent artworks.

Okayyyy!!… Lets get back to my artwork.

Above picture is my new artworks comissioned by (a Korean Group Company ) Atomy Training Centre Shah Alam . Size of the painting approximately 5ft x 4.8ft.

The painting reflects positive energy driven behavior that thrives for achievements – which eventually allowing the positive flow to transcends beyond its imaginations that enable them to be triumph. The abstract also signifies spirituality and purity allowing oneself to transcends beyond.

However, it is one of my exciting project given this year within this genre by far. Since then, many individual and organizations are interested to inquire some of my artworks of their interest.

For those who are also wondering how to be in contact with me for future project.. Yup !..  I can be reached at onezentrum@gmail.com

Thank you so much to Atomy Training Centre in Shah Alam , Malaysia. Below is the photo of Mr.Yang from Seoul, Korea admiring the intriguing artwork .




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