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Title : 'Recitation'

Title : ‘Recitation”
Medium : Acrylic
Size: 200cm height x 100xm Width

In the Peak of my maternity leave /MC , I’ve decided to fill up my time and extend my artistic flair by composing new Masterpiece to satisfy myself – yet at the same time, I can filled up my empty wall in my house by the stair case. It took me couple of weeks to complete my painting.
What I’m trying to express in my painting is basically related to Soul Searching Journey to Peace. How meditation and recitation helps one’s soul towards peace and enlightenment. When you think of it again….Yeah! it’s kinda sound like spiritual especially the outcomes came from within me..(I was taken aback myself …. don’t ask why – it just happen without me realizing it until towards the end).

Recitation_Zoom In


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Blue Lagoon Blouse copy

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