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Red Knitted Baju.

Red Knitted Baju

Red Knitted Baju_ Sleeve

Do apologize for my late post due to some circumstances that had tide me down. Anyhow, I just would like to share my recent handy work which eventually completed. (What a relief) … It ain’t never easy to fully focus one each project- considering I have few projects overlapping one another.
What I’ve made here is my new knitted shirt…I always wanted a bright red yarn for my knitting project and indeed I did!. Honestly this particular project has taken most of my time…I’ve resized the shirt twice and using 2.5 and 2.75 needle size all the way until it finished. Imagine how long it would take me.. Moreover I kept juggling all my projects when I started to get bored with one.
Next project I shall to do some of my baby pieces like little cardigan, booties and perhaps baby hood /hat. (its either knitted or crochet) That will keep me busy for at least a week.


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Due to high demands.. I would like to extend my proposal to all creative buddies for some creative project and share it among us in my blog.

Well lets make July is the Creative Month for all of us out there.. You can make any creation as long it’s creative…from scrapbook,photography,arts and to all needle works. I think it would be fun. Well email me all the finish product to onezentrum@gmail.com

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