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After completed my Valentine Baby Blanket , suddenly I have the urged to starts my next blanket project – and so I did!!.. it took me in a flash to complete it. I’ve spend my 18 hours a days concentrating this work… But this time it’s full machine stitch with my beautiful Bernina Machine.

Luckily I’ve bought extra yards for my projects.  I’m so delighted to be able to complete this piece in a week time.

All of my works , I usually use – only a high quality materials which is either 100% American Cotton or 100% Japanese Cotton. This is because of its quality and the colour that would last for ages as long you don’t wash it weekly. It’s significant to me due to time ,efforts and creativity I’ve put onto my works and definately I would like it to last. Afterall, most of my work were one off design.. and exclusive too. I don’t really mass-produce them. It’s either same motive with different composition and colours BUT definately no duplicates.

Size approx 3′ x 4′

I do get people asking me if  I do take order and customized baby blanket. In the beginning  I don’t really do that because once they start asking about the cost , I guess most of them were taken aback. Usually, I only accept from those whom really appreciates such fine works and appreciates Quilting. (Not to mention the cost of each meter for the fabric and materials too.) I guess, some of our society lack or probably miss taken between fine craft work and tailoring. We are not tailor but we are hobbiest and crafter. All our works resolves within creativityn and exquisite design ; on top of that with our personal touch were applied on each design, especially those with Hand-Stitch work. It’s like a work of arts, if u put it on a different prepective.

Eventually when I think about it again, probably I’m now open for baby quilt custom request but only for serious people only. So I would recommend to contact me personally for me to evaluates their request because such fine works would takes weeks and sometimes months to complete them. ( Depending on design and the complexicity of the motives and subject application on the blanket).


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This is my another completed baby blanket… Center piece pattern is fully hand-sewn and patch together. It’s design to fits on a baby cot or can be use as a playmat too and it’s very comfortable.. ( my little girls love the feels and as a matter of fact she requested one for herself)

Materials: 100% American Cotton

Those whom are interested, do visit my eshop..

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