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Baby Quilt for sale





This is my most recent work and had just completed it.  All this while people told me to put some of my quilt blanket on sale. Eventually I’ve made one to put it on sales , ( although I do have one more piece about King size Quilt blanket, But that piece is very unique piece. it’s 100% hand stitch from small patch to the quilting works and toke me almost a year and still going. That is not an ordinary pattern. It’s much more like a Quilt Art to me.MY Masterpiece ever made by just patch and quilting).I shall post it once completed which i do not not how much longer will it takes for me to complete it considering I have to juggle between my daily work and other hobbies too.

After many thoughts, so I’ve decided why not to put it on sales…  So i’m going to start with this baby quilt and later perhaps some bags too ( my daughter’s friends and sister have made a special request to do so). We shall see how it goes…. ok just wish me Good Luck. Oh btw, all my on sales stuffs can be view from my eSHOP tab.


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