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Cupcakes Mania


Another past time passion. I love cooking especially baking. Couples of months ago I’ve enrolled with my childhood friend to one of the cupcake class ( well, actually much into Fondue making). I always curious how they creates such a beautiful artwork on cakes with all the little cute thingy stuck onto the cake.

Now occasionally I shall steals a moment in my monthly time to bake my daughters all the fancy cupcakes ( as I did for my daughter birthday last year – instead baking her a big birthday cake, I baked her many fancy cupcakes and arranged them nicely on the table with her birthday signature on each cupcake) and they enjoyed it…. 😀

Simply can’t resist all the creative creations..


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Reversible bag for my little one. She love it even before I’m able to finished it. And now my eldest daughter also requested one for her .

Surprisingly her Aunty Nin too want one!!… But most interesting is that- my eldest daughter brought her sister’s bag to school to show to some of her friends. Then when she came back, she told me that her friends too wanted one. SO unbelievable how she could able to brag about it and get some order for the bag.  She even has put her price for the orders. ( Of coz her friends shall get their own materials for their bag)


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Bears everywhere!!!


This is purely 100% machine quilts. I wanted to test with machine stitch because I’ve read from several article’  saying that it’s interesting and quicker. So eventually I managed to persuade my dad to buy one for me and it isn’t cheap at all. Thanks to him, now I can quilt using my sewing machine (Bernina Aurora 440 Quilters Edition), although it’s a bit difficult to handle the first time but I’ve managed.

I’m so LOVINGGGGGG it now. However I still hand stitch my quilt. In fact I’ve started 100% hand stitch  King Size Blanket ( from small patched and stitch it to King size blanket).Its more of a Quilt Art to me and still in a working progress. Up till these days I haven’t completed it because – it is so tidious and fine ( almost 8 months now). Hence, I began to juggle with my other quilts too just to get back into the momentum. Don’t worry I shall share with you once fully completed!!!…

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This Quilt Blanket is one of my unique pieces, inspired from my eldest daughter art works since she was 3 years old until she’s 9 years old. I gathered some of her best art works from school and some of her best doodles too.

I’m sure by now, you’ll probably astonished and wonder where do I get some of the funny motives. The answer is – from my angel.

One of the motives on the blanket is called Donkey Dog (a combination character from Donkey and Dog through the eyes of 4 years old child) or probably with an addition from rabbit into the Donkey Dog or perhaps A Donkey Dog that eats carrot…. I know!!!.. I was amazed myself. Some of the cute animals like six legged pony and her favorite soft Bunny named Pitsy. (The BIG fat bunny with red dress) were drawn beautifully by her.

Last but not least.. My favorite is her interpretation of her daddy (right at the bottom adjacent to the flower motive). I actually size up some of her drawing and traced back onto her quilt blanket. I deliberately design this blanket such way because I wanted to cherish all her artistics touch. We’ve kept most of her art works since her first day in playschool (when we were in England).

It’s amazing when you can able to encourage her creative side – to be able to see her personal interpretation and her freedom of expression in such a distinctive manner.  Now most of her best art works had transformed onto her blanket and she can cherish it forever and shall have something to remember by from her mummy’s love.

Oh!.. by the way, most of my quilts project were hand made ( Hand Stitch one by one) and has taken me a long time to complete it and made from 100% Cotton or some called as American Cotton and as well Japanese Cotton ( very expensive and high quality cotton). Some of my cotton materials i ordered directly from US and had it shipped here. Therefore it will last and the colour will stay vibrant. When comes to my finest art work I shall never settle for average quality.. I always look up for high quality materials to ensure I can keep them forever.

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My girls mini cardigans


Hmmmm where should I begin.

I’ve made this mini cardigan due to my eldest daughters request.  Then my second girl also wanted the same cardigan. Luckily they both share slightly the same size. ( My second girl has a bigger frame size than her big sister which she has a petite body frame, although they were 6 years age differences.)

Ahaaa..but this project is a crochet cardigan, an expansion to my knitting.

Both my daughters love this cardigan so much that i have to make in few colours for them to juggle to take turn to wear according to their matching colour.

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Quilt Project

Erin's Baby Blanket

Erin's Baby Blanket

Honestly this is my first Quilt project after many years. I’ve started making patchwork since I was 16 ( from my mom’s and grandmom’s remnants)  and now in my 30’s , then again – I resurrect my patchwork and quilting skills.  It started with some of my fellow quilters insisted to learn quilt with one of our ‘Guru’. Indeed it has expand my past-time hobby. Yup!! I juggle from knitting and quilting now ( couples of my hobbies passion) and among others.

As you may see, that I LOVE bright and vibrant colours. It simply gives me pleasure to see all the wonderful colours. (Believe me!!! its enlighten me.)

I made this blanket for my second girl aged 3 years 11 months today.What I like about her blanket is that – I used  my daughter teether and as one of the design element. Well juz to cherish her baby’s memories and attached it on her blanket, so when she grow up, we shall share with her. It’s even had some biting marks on the teether from her first few bites. ( So loving it..).  I also use few cats motive on her blanket, because she loves cat so much!.  Well at the end of the day…. I love to see her loving their blanket.

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