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My Stress Buster


For the past 2 years I’ve been addicted to knitting.It’s all started from one of my auntie whom just came back to Malaysia for her holiday visit, she took me to one of the local knitting shop in Klang Valley and a moment later I’ve started buying all the starter kits for knitting and I never stop since then. Ironically, I was never keen on knitting at my young age. I guess at that moment of time, I always seen knitting is the kinda of hobbies for the older generation and I was never keen to knit any sweater or scarves those day – but now it’s a lifestyles to the new generation. I’m fascinated with all the new modern and contemporary knitting pattern offered online and new yarn materials that I’m able to purchased on shelves. Not to mentioned with all that wonderful yarn colours I could buy and its variations. It’s so irresistable to say ‘NO’ to such bright and colourful yarn’s colours.

Although during my stay in England, it never occur to me to starts knitting although there were many classes and shops that sells knitting stuffs. I always find it difficult and too much trouble for me to knit a single sweater and now i began to appreciates the art of knitting. I would say that now it’s a therapy for my stress (stress buster). Yes! I knit when I’m stressed….. it’s great to be able to admit that I so stressful as my age aged.

Nevertheless, hate to say that it isn’t my only hobby. I shall share with you more of my hobbies, interests and what fascinates me in life and also what has succumb me to whom I am now.


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